Essential oils to reset your mind

The essential oils in Dirt Soap help clean your mind at the same time as they clean your hands. That amazing smell tickling your nostrils is a proprietary blend of ten essential oils, each selected purposefully to cut through the mental clutter and unlock your creative spirit: 

CITRUS: Breathe deep, refresh and reset. Zing!
  • Bergamot—The brightness of a citrus with the strength of deep woods? Yes, please! Essence from the rind of a bergamot fruit gets your blood pumping, your circuits circulating, and casts fatigue far, far away. Its transformative effects don’t end there: It’s also what turns regular old black tea into the titled (and more sophisticated) Earl Grey.
  • Lemon— Prepare yourself, and clarify a cluttered mind with a boost of lemon. The scent of lemon improves concentration and focus— like a pencil sharpener for your brain. In fact, once upon a time, lemon was used as an antidote to poison. Escort out the toxic haters, the self doubt, and yesterday’s news.

HERBACEOUS: The opportunity to reintroduce the familiar.
  • Peppermint— WAKE THE F&$@ UP!
  • Basil— A member of the mint family, basil is clearly from the more intellectual side. Its warm and familiar fragrance enjoys a grounding complexity worthy of the kings and chemists (and me), who have revered basil since the beginning.
  • Rosemary— Honored for its versatility and talent, hardiness and tolerance, strength and clarity. Good thing it plays well with others. Rosemary peaks high, smells medicinal and just feels good for you.
  • Cardamom— A well-traveled spice, traded from the earliest days along the Silk Road, cardamom brings experience that’s velvety, clever and delicate. Well-trained in etiquette, but ready for a drink at the bar.
  • Chamomile— “Sleep on it,” they say. “Come back to it with a clear head.” Chamomile’s all-important super power brings a busy brain back down to a simmer. You can count on it.
  • Palmarosa— This bright green and lemony freshness is the mental equivalent of restarting your computer.

FLORAL: Freshness, and the perfect way to clear your head or transport it to other places.
  • Geranium— You never know where a good idea will come from, and geranium, in both principle and practice, embodies this. Why? Because — surprise! — it’s not the flower that carries that bright green, yet rosy (and somewhat carroty!) scent here, but the leaves and stalks.
  • Ylang Ylang— The unmistakably tropical, heady and (dare I say) sensuous aroma of ylang ylang inspires both focus and liberation. It’s the power and fuel to untether your mind and try something new.
  • Jasmine— A delicate flower, characterized by aromatic tenacity and ability to carry on the gentlest of breezes. Its aroma peaks between sundown and dawn, making jasmine the ambassador of coming alive when everyone else is tapping out. It’s my very favorite night owl.